Email marketing is getting harder to do well.
This is all we do. Let us help you.

Connect with your audience in minutes.

No Limits. Simple Pricing. Strong Deliverability.

No cap on your subscriber list. No cap on your delivered messages. Add all the custom funnels and custom fields you want. And there will never be overages or hidden charges. Rest assured you’re sending with one of the industry’s highest deliverability rates.

Getting your word out is easy.
Getting to the inbox is hard.

In 2016, 65% of email on the internet was spam - making it no surprise that email solutions and hosting companies are working hard to keep your emails out of customer inboxes.
It's more critical now than ever to get your email delivered, and know which campaigns are working to get the reactions you want and know when to follow up.



Automation Is Key

If your email newsletter is taking a lot of time, might we suggest it's time to consider an alternative.



No Setup Fees or Contracts

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You'll never be confused or surprised.



Delivery & Deliverability

If your email doesn’t reach an inbox, it doesn’t matter. But it also can't end up delivered to a spam folder.

Simple Onboarding

Easily transition from another email provider with assisted onboarding and initial setup.



eCommerce Is No Problem

We don't just support email newsletters or RSS feeds. We also support eCommerce workflows.

Email marketing is all we do.

With our knowledge base, YouTube channel, customer support team members, blog posts and more, once you start, you’ll never be left out in the cold, wondering what step to take next.

We've created the perfect solution for each of you.

Whether you’re a beginning blogger, experienced content marketer, eCommerce specialist, multi-national enterprise, social media agency or public safety agency, FeedBlitz has you covered. Realize your success, get your word out and relax just a little more. We can help.